What is Microfibers?

The true leader in high technical textile of microfiber industry.

Microfiber brings outstanding performance from a wide variety of cleaning.
Microfiber is the hypoallergenic textile, 100 times thinner than the human hair,
which made up of polyester and polyamide for amazing cleaning.
Microfiber is a special yarn that is 0.2denier, an ultra fine Microfiber
This filament is very fine, strong and is virtually lint-free.

  1. Microfiber clean and dry surface after wiping
  2. Regular fiber Still dirty and wet

Microfiber Merits

1. Extraordinary absorption

  • Absorbing property of the textile has been improved by capillary effect through voids between polyester and
  • nylon formed after splitting, thus becoming suitable for wiping cloth application.


Initial absorpition of Microfiber is superior to cotton


After 20 sec

2. Cleaning ability

  • Microscopic triangles in Microfiber clean all kinds of dust particles effectively.


Easy washing


Quick drying

3. Free from pollution

  • Microfiber doesn’t need to use any kinds of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.




Regular fiber

We have been trying to create and supply Korea’s No.1 microfiber products.

WITHUS is dedicated to supply the most superior microfiber cloth for customers.

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