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Recycled Pet-bottles?

We are producing microfiber optical cloths from recyled pet bottles.

Step. 1

Separate Disposal of Plastic Bottle

The journey begins when the used clear
PET bottles are completely emptied and cleaned,
and thrown away as recyclable plastics.

Step. 2

Re-sorting, First Crushing and
Cleaning into Flake

: They can be reborn as high-quality resources and
compresses them into squre blocks.
The crush bottles are further granulated into small flake.

Step. 3

Separate Disposal of Plastic Bottle

This leads to the creation of small, rice grain-sized chips,
which serve as raw materials for polyester recycled yarns.

Step. 4

Spinning into Polyester Yarn

The chip arrive the company and
are “reborn”as polyester yarn.

Step. 5

Yarn Dyeing

The yarn produced the company are all white.
They need to be dyed so that brands and manufacturers
can produce products in their desired colors.

Step. 6

Recycled Microfiber Cleaning
Cloth Manufacturing

Recycled Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
are made by knitting from the yarn.

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